Guests Gone Wild

Amidst various reports of celebrities “trashing” hotel rooms and in an effort to combat such behavior, hotels are looking to the “clouds” for anwers.  Specifically there are several websites that track such behavior and allow users (subcribers) to obtain information about a guest that they may have concerns about. One such service  allows users to type in a guest’s name to determine if there have been any known issues reported by other participating hotels (users).  This may allow them to pre screen their customers and minimze some of the disturbances associated with unruly guests.  Is this a legitimate business, or an invasion of pivacy?

Some high profile guests may already have this stygma attached to thier reservations as the press has helped to publicize these cases (AKA Charlie Sheen in New York).     Although the culptits are utlimately responsible for any damages, legal costs and lost business from other customers as well as damage to the hotel’s reputation can be  costly.  With the availaiblity of these sites  and other hotel blacklists, hotels can now be proactive in accepting reservations.  

As there are many implications from using such a service, the jury is still out as to the long term viability of these websites.  Although some may be curious as to their value, I do not see the value of such a service.

The Morris Inn – 60 Years and Growing

In a few short weeks, The Morris Inn will close its doors as its’ plans for renovation and expansion have finally come to fruition. For the past 60 years the hotel has been home to Presidents, Sports Heroes, Entertainment Stars and Religious Leaders. From Wayne Newton to Gerald Ford, from Billy Graham to Ernie Banks, our beds have been slept in by some of the most famous people of our time. Although the physical structure has extended beyond its capabilities, the true spirit of The Morris Inn will continue through its staff. As we prepare the building with new infrastructure and furnishings over the next 10 months, so too are we preparing our employees for a level of service that goes beyond what our guests are accustomed to, ushering in a new era of unparalleled hospitality.
We would love to hear from our guests as to their experiences at the Morris Inn. Please share your most memorable stay to help us retain the tradition of the past 60 years and as a precursor as to what we need to accomplish over the next 60 years.

The death of the hotel phone

With the proliferation of cell phones is there a need to have a phone in a hotel room?  Hotel phones have gone full circle in the past 10 years.  What used to be a money-making proposition for hotels, and a frustration for guest has become a nuisance for the hotels and unimportant to the guests.

Cell phones have saved guests from the unscrupulous hotel owners who could get away with charging outrageous charges for guests to call home, but have left the hotel searching for ways to replace this cash cow.

So what is a hotel do with telephones?  Upgrading to expensive digital phones with all of the bells and whistles based on IP technology may be aesthetically appealing, but is there a return on investment?  Do guests want a phone that can check the weather, give stock reports, place a room service order etc?   (Can’t this all be done with a smart phone?).

The challenge for hotels is to determine the answers to the above questions.  Although the revenue stream is history, is there some device that could add value to a guests stay and perhaps provide some competitive advantage, or should they cut their losses and continue to support an analog dial tone? Ever heard of 8 track players?  Welcome to the 21st century!!!